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    With a schedule release of June 2014, we are closing in on this game. It is set in Tamriel, and almost all of Tamriel will be accessible either from start or through DLC. It is set about 800 years before Oblivion and Morrowind (which also means that there are still no dwemer in the game, which disappears around 3000 years or so before Oblivion). From what I can read, it will be more or less a standard MMORPG, but hopefully they will still focus on the lore and story telling, as is one of the excellent things about the series

    What I don't really like about it, is that the game costs $59.99 (or $79.99 / $99.99 for the delux packages, and a 1 to 1 exchange rate to euro, so we get shafted again), which only includes 30 days of game time. After that it costs you $14.99 per month to play the game, which is extremely expensive, in my opinion. Also, considering the series is mostly a single player experience so far, with focus on story, lore and exploration, I am not sure if they can translate it to a mail man simulator (MMORPG). What I fear is that 70%+ of the content will be like the roaming quests in Skyrim, where you go there and fetch that or kill those.

    The fun part is that if you want to play as an imperial, it seems you have to go for the digital delux package or higher, at least since they list that race as an exclusive for that:
    To me this seems like an almost desperate attempt to milk the brand for every cent it is worth. My best judgement is that within 6 months of release, they will change to micro transaction (as everyone else running an MMO does, except Blizzard), probably along side the release of a paid DLC package. Hopefully this doesn't spell the end of the series, cause I am really hoping that some day we will get a game that explains what happened to the Dwemer......

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  2. GregorEndor

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    The game is nice... but not nice enough for 15$ a month.

    I dont think any game except WoW who is market leader can pull this kind of stuff off. They will probably have to go free to play sooner or later.

    The PvE is kinda bland... but PvP is awesome.. huge battles :D
  3. DC Djinn

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    annoyed me that you have to pay monthly!
  4. HKGSarah

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    I was looking forward to this game until I saw the subscription. Very disappointing
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    It's just way too expensive. I love the Elder Scrolls series with all of my heart, especially Morrowind, and this is just cruel. I'm refusing to buy it because they are trying to squeeze every little penny out of us and it's just stupid, really. I was going to buy this, but my PC can't run it and I don't want to spend that much money on a game that seems to be getting a lot of hate and crappy reviews. Especially since the reward system is just as stupid as Destiny's - you get like 1 gold from each epic boss. I don't know if that's changed, but the review I read didn't have a lot of good things to say about ESO.
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    I played in the Beta, but I haven't played it now that it is released.
  7. reginold_2006

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    Same here super excited till I learned about the monthly subscription BOO
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    Most likely they will drop the subscription, especially if they want to release it on Xbox
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    I liked playing the beta got stuck on it tho and when it came sub i had to drop the game.
  10. ripteh1337

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    recently started playing this game again, seems a lot more solid than the crappy beta lol
  11. Bazing

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    I don't play it as there ia monthly bill