A Hello, Thank You, and Goodbye

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by OsO, Sep 1, 2014.

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    A hello to you all. As @ZirMc mentioned in earlier posts, he has transferred ownership to me. He's taken the time and put forth the effort in making sure the site continues on instead of letting it slowly descend into the nethers of the internet. A big thank you to @ZirMc for patiently working with me on getting everything transferred. Hopefully it isn't a final goodbye and we hear from@ZirMc in the future.

    I do believe the transfer went on without any issues, but if anyone notices any major problems please let me know. I do not plan on making any immediate changes. But, with your help, would like to see the site evolve and grow; keeping in line with the original idea of clan recruitment but also possibly implement features focused on clan management and networking. Anywho, feel free to throw any questions or concerns my way.
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  2. ZirMc

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    Just want to wish you good luck and thanks for all the fish.... Took me a while getting everything over, mostly because I haven't been much home for the last 3 months or so. I might check in from time to time, but I doubt I will hang much around. As I said in my "giving up post", I am simply put busy with work all the time, and during my spare time I want to use with friends, family or playing video games.

    I did enjoy the time I spent creating this site, and I am glad I was able to send it off to a new owner. I really hope the site will continue to grow and get even better with the years to come. I am also happy to have someone taking charge and bringing the site forward.

    And to be honest, once I stopped being actively involved here, it seems like the site gained more activity, for some reason, so hopefully with a new guy at the wheel it will be even more :)
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    Welcome :D
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    Welcome and good luck with running the site. :)