Why should you join Gamers Clans?

GamersClans.com is your one stop to find your new clan or your new clan member. We offer a very lucrative search position in Google for searches commonly used by people looking for a clan, as well as a clan directory that is alive, being moderated and kept up to date. If someone creates an entry, then later disband and never bother to update their recruiting thread, we take care of that, usually within a month of them disbanding

What we offer

In contrast to many other sites, we don't focus on a single game, single platform. We try to cater to them all. We are not a popularity contest, where you have to nag your members to vote for you to get exposure. If you submit your clan here, you end up on the top of the list regardless of you having half a member or thousands of members, as each clan listing is equally important to us. If you continue to stay active with us, you can get additional benefits, such as a spotlight in the "featured" section, or pay for a advertising spot with the currency you earn by participating here.

We are also offering feedback on current popular games based on the search traffic we are getting, so you know what potential new members are looking for. Granted, it will not catch everything, but it will give you a pretty good indications of which games are currently popular, and gives you another tool in your box you can use to tempt potential new members sign up. All this is provided free of charge.

If you are looking for a clan to join we strive to offer a up to date list of active clans, not a historical records of past and current clans. This means we regularly check listings, and if we can't find any life signs, we will remove the listing. Don't waste time clicking on links that leads you to a standard not found page.

Find the clan for you using our clan directory. Anyone who submits their clan to our site is required to enter in if they are recruiting, what age or age group they want, and even specify if they are looking for casual or competitive gamers. Everything is sorted into neat categories per platform, and genre.

If the above still hasn't sold you, we can also offer you a modern discussion platform, where you can easily post and read about everything from what music our members likes to listen to, to opinions on games and hardware of all types. If you like writing, we might even put your post up on our frontpage, just because we need content there as well.

Still not buying it

At this point we have exhausted all our long sentences and fancy words. Let us just say that most of the people involved here are genuinely passionate about gaming, and want to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. In fact, you will see our activity is peaking during school / work hours, cause we spend our time off playing games. We share our experience, we post news we find really interesting and we try to provide you with a simple service: A superbly easy way to find just the clan or members you are looking for.