What sites do you recommend me looking for members?

This one of course. You should also consider looking at other relevant sites for your clan, and see if they allow you to recruit for your clan. The best bet is to be as specific as possible, for example on a website dedicated for the game your clan plays or similar. It is more or less a question of being visible.

One advantage we offer over other sites is that we are dedicated to helping clans finding new members, and helping new members finding new clans. This means we are trying hard to offer you a way to present your clan with minimum effort for maximum impact. This basically means we are forcing each clan to present their information in the same way, so that potential new members are able to filter out interesting clans instantly, as in these modern days you really have to fight to grab a users attention. Our idea is that you have 15 seconds to grab a users interest, which is why we are using images to immediately associate a clan to a platform and to games they are playing. This is of course only part of the tools we are using, but among the most helpful ones.

Is this site the defacto place to go to find new members for my clan?

Some day, maybe it will be. Recruiting for your clan today, usually involves you posting about it on 10 or more websites, and maybe one of those provides any real success and in the end you loose track of all your posts. We try to correct that, both for clan leaders and people trying to find a clan to join. How successful we are is a different story, but we tend to rank well for general clan searches on Google, and even some specific ones.

Our biggest challenge is to show off the potential exposure you get by posting here, as we are getting very specific traffic from Google, namely people looking for a clan. This fact is not reflected by the activity, post count or member count here. We try to alleviate this by showing off our search stats, sharing what games are trending on this site (in terms of search traffic) etc.

Anything I should think about when creating a clan listing?

Yes, you should think of a few things. For one, we require all listings to have images to them, so have one ready. Also, when creating your listing, put your self in the position of a potential new member reading this. What do they want to know? Why should they bother taking a second look at my clan?

You should try to show off what makes your clan unique and awesome. If you have requirements, include those high up in your description. To put it simple, think that you have 15 seconds to gain a users attention, and then work from that.

I have added my clan to this site, but rarely see anyone asking me to join. Why did I even bother?

The main reason people is advertising their clan is to get the word out there, and this is what we provide, simple as that. Most of the people registered here are not people looking for a clan, but rather clans looking for people, as the people looking for clans are not really required to register on this site. We have everything visible (with few exceptions) to guests, meaning people can find your clan and sign up without ever registering here.

Also, if you just create a topic and leave it, you are indicating that you don't care. We are getting 80 - 90% of our traffic directly from Google searches, and all of our top searches are related to finding a clan. If a user looks at your 2 month old topic, then check your profile and see you haven't visited for the past two months, why should they bother contacting you, when there is a similar clan that posted here 2 weeks ago with a recruiter online now? It is all about choosing your venues and staying visible and active. This is something we see often, people just creating a topic here and after two days are wondering why it isn't working. It is simple, you are not guaranteed any members regardless of where you are posting, but by staying active and visible will increase your chances, regardless of where you decide to post.

I see this advertisement thing on the side, how do I get a spot there?

These spots are paid spots. You pay for them by using the credits you earn by participating on this site. Currently it costs 150 credits for a spot, in total there are 5 - 10 spots. Once you pay for a spot, you are guaranteed at least one month, after that you might be removed for newer purchases, basically on a oldest ad gets removed first. To find more details, look here.
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