I found a clan here, tried to join, but they only mocked me and were rude to me. Anything I can do?

We don't have any control of the behaviour of each clan, and do not try to impose any restrictions to what they can and cannot do in order to be listed here. If you really had a bad experience with the clan, leave a feedback in their discussion thread here. Please try to be factual and as objective as possible, if you are just bad mouthing, raging or name calling, it is likely that your reply will be deleted.

You can also rate a clan in the directory.

I tried to join a clan I found on this site, but they never came back to me. Shouldn't you remove this?

Yes, we should. Report the clan in question using the report link and we will take a look at it and remove it if necessary.

How do I know what platform a clan is playing on?

Usually each clan includes this in the description, but we are also enforcing them to specify this when they are creating the clan listing. On the clans frontpage and on the forum frontpage, you will see a small icon on the top left corner of the clan thumbnail, which indicates which platform they are recruiting for.

You can also browse clans by platform as well, you will see them on the right sidebar.

I am looking for a clan, how do I join clan xyz?

We are not affiliated with any of the clans listed in our directory. If you want to join a clan, you have to contact that clan. We are enforcing each clan to submit their website, or an alternate method of contact, so check out their clan listing and see how they prefer you contact them. If you really cannot figure it out, you can try to private message the creator, which requires you to have an account on this site.
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