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I see some double posted clans, what do I do?

Report it and we will delete them. Please note that the forum some times will have a double post, because we used to use that as the only submission. When we installed the clan directory, we encouraged everyone to resubmit, but not everyone did, and some times other members come by and resubmit it there, causing it to appear double posted in the forum. This is usually solved by letting staff know, and we can associate your old discussion thread with your new clan directory submission.

How can publish my draft clan?

First, you need to open your draft, you will find it by clicking on Your clans, then you will see it on the right hand side module. Then edit it, and towards the top of the form you will see a drop down, which you just change to Published from Draft.

My clan is for Xbox One / Playstation 4, where do I submit it?

You pick either the Xbox category or the Playstation category. We have decided to not have specific categories for the new version of the consoles, because as time passes everyone will move over to the new consoles. When that time comes, we don't have to do anything to reflect that. This will also provide a consistent browsing experience for users of this site.

Can I submit my clan in multiple categories?

Yes, and no. You are allowed to submit your clan one time per platform. This means you can submit your clan in First Person Shooters in PC, Xbox and Playstation, but not in First Person Shooter and Multigame for PC only.

If your clan is a little bit different set up on different platforms, there is nothing preventing you from linking your other listings in each submission. You can also show off what other platforms you are on in each listing, by checking off the relevant fields during submission (or edit this later on). This is only a visual indicator though, and will only display an icon showing off other platforms you might be on.

I updated my clan, but the discussion thread indicates no changes. How come?

You have to explicitly choose to post the update to a thread when you are editing your clan. When you edit the clan, below the text field you can see a checkbox called "Post as Update" and a text field below that again. Check this checkbox and type in a few words in the text field about what you updated. This will post a new message to the thread that your clan is updated.

My clan is featured, but only for one platform. Why not feature for all platform?

When we feature clans, we try to add one for each platform. This means that if you have submitted your clan for multiple platforms, the one we choose might be arbitrary depending on what platforms the other clans that are featured plays on.

Is there any way for me to preview my clan before submitting it?

Yes, though it might be a bit counter intuitive. You need to fill in all required fields and upload one image, then take a look below the editor. You will see a check field which say "Save as draft". Check off this field and hit Create new Clan, and you will be redirected to a preview of how it will look. As long as the clan is in draft mode you will be able to edit it unlimited.

If you navigate away from it, you will have to go back to the clan directory, and go to Your Clans, and you will see it at the bottom of the sidebar under Draft Clans. Once you are ready to publish it, hit edit and change status to Publish and the clan will be published once you save your edits. Also note that draft clans are only visible to your self.

My clan was deleted and archived in the Abandoned clans forum. Why did this happen?

We try to monitor clans and remove the clans that are no longer active. This means we are checking your clan for signs of life mostly two ways:
1. We check your website for activity. The only thing that matters here is activity with timestamp, for example forum posts or similar. Some clans have avoided being deleted simply because the administrator was online at the time we checked the website, so if you want to avoid being wrongfully deleted, have something displaying activity publicly visible.

Also, if you are publicly display requests to join etc, and we see those goes weeks or even days without reply, your chances of being deleted is significantly higher.

2. Activity on this site. We assume most people will bother to mark their own clan as abandoned if they are active on the site, so if you stay active here, we will most likely not delete your clan.

We delete clans that are not showing any sign of activity for the last 2 months. If you think your clan is wrongfully marked as abandoned, please report the thread in the abandoned clans forum and we will either just delete it or merge it with your new thread, depending on the content in the old thread.

How do I net my clan a featured spot?

There is no real way to do this yet. Right now, clans are featured on whim more or less. Generally we will look at users active on the site, and go a little bit extra in order to help them gain more attention. Your best bet is to stay active here, and keep posting interesting posts, or maybe just keep coming back and keep your recruiting topic alive.

I made a small mistake, how can I edit my clan?

Short answer, you can't until you reach at Recruiter status. This you get by staying active on this site, and posting. Reason for this is to encourage activity, and limit spam. It is a common to spammers to create something that looks like a real post, and go back a few months later and editing it.

How do I submit my clan?

To begin with, you need to register on this site. Second, go to our Clan directory, and there you will see a button called Create clan close to the top of the page. Just click this, and follow on screen instructions.
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