Frequently Asked Questions

I am truly unsure where to post my post, give me a hint?

Our forums have a broad topic for a reason, so you can choose what forum suits your topic the best. Pick the forum that is most relevant for your topic at hand. If it is wrong, it might be moved, generally we will not issue warnings for posting in the wrong forum, except in repeat violations (to the extreme degree).

What is this "money" feature?

Simply put, it is a way to encourage people to participate by giving out fake money for certain actions. You can buy a fancy username in the shop with these money, or buy an ad placement for your clan using the same money. What you earn:
  • Posting a reply: $5
  • Posting a new thread: $15
  • Getting a like: $25
  • Adding an attachment: $10
For posts and new threads needs to be over 50 characters long. You will also see a summary of your accounts transactions by pressing the Bank link on the navbar.

I see some double posted clans, what do I do?

Report it and we will delete them. Please note that the forum some times will have a double post, because we used to use that as the only submission. When we installed the clan directory, we encouraged everyone to resubmit, but not everyone did, and some times other members come by and resubmit it there, causing it to appear double posted in the forum. This is usually solved by letting staff know, and we can associate your old discussion thread with your new clan directory submission.

I can't post in all forums, why not?

You will not be able to post in The Clans forums, except by submitting your clan via the clan directory and announcement forum. The reason for this is that we want all clans to be in the clan directory, not just the forum. We have spent some time customizing the view and submission form here, so we feel this is the best way for you and your potential new members to view the submission. We are also enforcing you to submit allot of information that is relevant, but sometimes forgotten.

How can publish my draft clan?

First, you need to open your draft, you will find it by clicking on Your clans, then you will see it on the right hand side module. Then edit it, and towards the top of the form you will see a drop down, which you just change to Published from Draft.

My clan is for Xbox One / Playstation 4, where do I submit it?

You pick either the Xbox category or the Playstation category. We have decided to not have specific categories for the new version of the consoles, because as time passes everyone will move over to the new consoles. When that time comes, we don't have to do anything to reflect that. This will also provide a consistent browsing experience for users of this site.

What should I focus on for my clan?

This should be easy to figure out: What you enjoy. Running a clan is not about the number of members, but the amount of fun you have. When it stops being fun for you and your members, you know you are doing it wrong. I know it is possible to play games on a professional level, but for most this is not what they want or why they play games.

If you are not enjoying what you are doing, maybe you should step down and let someone else take the wheel, because then it is just a downward spiral.

What sites do you recommend me looking for members?

This one of course. You should also consider looking at other relevant sites for your clan, and see if they allow you to recruit for your clan. The best bet is to be as specific as possible, for example on a website dedicated for the game your clan plays or similar. It is more or less a question of being visible.

One advantage we offer over other sites is that we are dedicated to helping clans finding new members, and helping new members finding new clans. This means we are trying hard to offer you a way to present your clan with minimum effort for maximum impact. This basically means we are forcing each clan to present their information in the same way, so that potential new members are able to filter out interesting clans instantly, as in these modern days you really have to fight to grab a users attention. Our idea is that you have 15 seconds to grab a users interest, which is why we are using images to immediately associate a clan to a platform and to games they are playing. This is of course only part of the tools we are using, but among the most helpful ones.

Is this site the defacto place to go to find new members for my clan?

Some day, maybe it will be. Recruiting for your clan today, usually involves you posting about it on 10 or more websites, and maybe one of those provides any real success and in the end you loose track of all your posts. We try to correct that, both for clan leaders and people trying to find a clan to join. How successful we are is a different story, but we tend to rank well for general clan searches on Google, and even some specific ones.

Our biggest challenge is to show off the potential exposure you get by posting here, as we are getting very specific traffic from Google, namely people looking for a clan. This fact is not reflected by the activity, post count or member count here. We try to alleviate this by showing off our search stats, sharing what games are trending on this site (in terms of search traffic) etc.

Do you have brackets, tournaments or other clan wars features, or are they planned?

They were planned. We saw a huge opportunity in the clan wars scene early on, but also saw there are tons of people trying to become established in this area and just failing after a short time. In the end, it was decided that this feature was not going to be included here, and if we ever decided to run a tournament we would just partner up with someone already offering this.

This is not written in stone though, but it is highly unlikely this will ever become a feature on this site.

What are the rules here?

We generally follow a simple rule:
Don't be a douche!

Being a douche includes, but not limited to:
  • Spamming or mass posting links
  • Hijacking others thread
  • Flaming, trolling and general bad behaviour
  • Non-constructive complaining (we do like feedback, but things like "this sucks" aren't really helping anyone)
  • Two word posts are not helpful for anyone
If you are unsure about what you are trying to do is allowed, ask before doing. We are very flexible in terms of what we allow, generally we allow anything we think will be of interest of our members.

I think my clan is dieing, any thoughts on how to revive it?

This is hard to do, as generally clans that are dieing usually have been in a downward spiral for a while. Usual symptoms of impending doom are:
  • Members not willing to accept new members or even think you should get more members.
  • None or limited activity in games (members are not playing with each other)
  • General decline in website activity (if you have one)
  • Leaders are being inactive
If you are the leader of that clan, my best suggestion is to disband the clan and bring with you the members that are interested in continuing. If you are a member, you should maybe start to look for a clan more suited for your needs.

I want to start a clan, any tips you can give me?

None that aren't self evident. Your best bet is to stay active and visible, and not sit back and expect people to jump at your clan just because you started a recruitment topic on a few websites. You need to show people you are in for the long run, and that your clan is worth joining. We also have a few interesting discussions of various aspects of running a clan here, and are always interested in more.

Can you help me build an awesome website for my clan?

Depends on what you mean by helping. We have a decent tutorial of how to set up phpBB3 using a free shared host here, and there are free services like Enjin, Free Forums, and many more that can get you started.

If you are asking us to build your website for you, no, we do not offer that. We might be able to offer suggestions or helpful advice if you have any questions though.

Do you offer event scheduling?

No, but it is an option we might come back to in the future. We had this in the past, but it was rarely used and only took up resources on our part, so we decided to dump it, so we could spend time developing features that were regularly used.

Can I submit my clan in multiple categories?

Yes, and no. You are allowed to submit your clan one time per platform. This means you can submit your clan in First Person Shooters in PC, Xbox and Playstation, but not in First Person Shooter and Multigame for PC only.

If your clan is a little bit different set up on different platforms, there is nothing preventing you from linking your other listings in each submission. You can also show off what other platforms you are on in each listing, by checking off the relevant fields during submission (or edit this later on). This is only a visual indicator though, and will only display an icon showing off other platforms you might be on.

I updated my clan, but the discussion thread indicates no changes. How come?

You have to explicitly choose to post the update to a thread when you are editing your clan. When you edit the clan, below the text field you can see a checkbox called "Post as Update" and a text field below that again. Check this checkbox and type in a few words in the text field about what you updated. This will post a new message to the thread that your clan is updated.

My clan is featured, but only for one platform. Why not feature for all platform?

When we feature clans, we try to add one for each platform. This means that if you have submitted your clan for multiple platforms, the one we choose might be arbitrary depending on what platforms the other clans that are featured plays on.

I just joined, and I can't edit my posts, set signature nor edit my clan. Why?

Permissions for newly registered users are very strict. Basically you are allowed to post and create new threads, submit your clan and that is pretty much it. After you hit 5 posts, you unlock more permissions, like setting your signature, longer grace period of editing your post and threads, change your username and more. Even the private conversation permissions are a bit more flexible.

The reasoning behind this is simple, it is to prevent spam and promote activity. It is very unlikely this policy will ever change, or if it does, it will most likely change to quality over quality (meaning you need to get likes to unlock additional permissions). So if you want to update your clan listing you have to get to five posts.

Why isn't the frontpage updated daily?

Simply put, we are only putting on content there that is interesting, or what whoever promotes it finds interesting. This means it might take some time between each time there is something we feel is interesting enough to be on the frontpage. If you have something interesting, write it up in the relevant forum and you might just get your thread promoted to the frontpage. There are no dedicated writers, threads just get promoted if they are interesting enough.
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