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    Hello fellow gamerinos!

    Semper Armatus is Recruiting... Again. [EU]

    So i'll start this by saying we used to have quite the large community until people started leaving due to real life commitements and we got kinda lazy with recruiting new people to fill places so we have been slowly dwindling in numbers and that make me and the guys kinda sad, hence the reason i am back looking for some new friendos for us to play some games with and have some fun.

    Short description of us, We are semper armatus a group of gamers (mostly from the UK) we are a very small but very tight knit community very chill guys not too try hard if that is what you fear most, looking for some fresh faces to join in enjoying games with us as for games we play we have no specific game as the game we are currently into can change at the drop of a hat but there are always games we will return to and keep playing and those games are as follows;
    We have no requirements as for attendance and what not, we are chill like that :)

    If chilling out, playing games and having fun sounds even remotely appealing to you feel free to hit me up for further details

    Skype: mrliamhdx
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