AoF Nation
Shooters clan created by AoFxGam3rz, May 14, 2016
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    We're sponsored by a few companies. These companies are: iLLusion Grips, No-Scope Glasses, Cinch Gaming, and Energize Gum.
    Contact us:
    Message: "XGN ReseT" on the Xbox One saying; I wish to join AoF Nation's {insert squad name}
    AoF Nation Information​
    What we're looking for:
    • Snipers (Trickshotters/Feeders/1v1ers)
    • Competitive COD Players
    • GFX/Editors
    How to contact us:
    There are multiple ways that you can contact us. But here are the three best ways in order to get in contact.
    1. Message via Xbox One - Gamertag: XGN ReseT
    2. Message via Twitter -
    3. E-Mail Us -
    Sponsors and Promo Codes:
    1. iLLusion Grips - Use Code "AoF" for 15% off any product at
    2. Cinch Gaming - Use Code "AoF" for 5% off any product at
    3. Energize Gum - Use Code "AoF" for 5% off any product at