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Been checking the interwebs for more tournaments, and this time there are actually a few running.

FraggedNation have actually one public tournament running, with prizes. It is a Battlefield 3 Conquest tournament, but it also costs 3 FN Credits per player to join (1 FN Credit = $1). I am not sure about the team requirements, but be sure to check it out. First prize is 320 FN Credits, second is 108 and third is 36 FN Credits. I do not know if you can cash in these credits though.
Just a continuation, there are still a few tournaments running for PS3.
GameBattles have 2 CoD tournaments in the line, one hardcore and one normal SnD, each with a cash prize of $315, but you have to pay to participate (I think around $17 per player in the team). Also be warned, they do not accept cash payment directly, you have to buy MLG Credits.

Details: http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/ps3/tournaments/

Elite-Wars.com have two tournaments running, one for FIFA 2012 where first prize is experience and DLC (I think it is DLC), and one CoD singles tournament, where the first prize is experience only. However, for the CoD tournament, they will run it in one week, and the finals will be live broadcasted with Twitch.tv, so it might be worth checking out. As far as I can tell, it is free to play, but don't take my word for it.
Details: http://www.elite-wars.com/tournaments.php
Hello, after a short downtime, we are back again, and better than ever. As you can see, all new style is applied as well as a new software all together. Reason for the switch was simply put a feature issue. This forum offers allot more social interaction, like likes, trophies (I know Playstation users love their trophies) as well as being more usefriendly.

Important notice:
Due the admin (me) not reading instructions properly, registration emails did not work properly, or the link was wrong. If you tried to register yesterday or today, and was never able to confirm your email, here is a short trick;
Either edit the URL you got sent, it is something like www.psnclans.com//account-confirmation/215/email?c=xxxxx
Notice the extra / after psnclans.com, remove it so it reads...