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As Sony have already done, and Microsoft and other large game vendor, Steam has now added a no class action clause in their user agreement. If you don't agree with it, you can no longer access the Steam network (but still your old games, in offline mode).
Most are familiar with The Elder Scrolls after the huge hit Skyrim. However, many still claim that Morrowind is the best in that series (for me personally it is Oblivion, but that is because that was the first game I played in that series). The funny thing is, the PC modders are still supporting Morrowind, and the 3rd version of the graphic patch is about to be released, and it looks good.
There are some idealists building a new console and are asking for money through kickstarter. Their primary focus seems to keep the console open, both in terms of hardware and software. You can root it, create your own external devices and more. To read more about it, check out their kickstarter.
They have done some changes to how they roll out games over PS+. Earlier you got 2 freebies, 1 mini and 1 classic for free, along with the occasional trial and discounted full game. What I mostly enjoyed was the DLC the also popped up, but you have to get lucky with those.

Now they will change it so that there is always 10 free games you can download, and they will release 45 games per year. I also think they just dropped Deus Ex: Human Revolution for free as well, but I am not sure about that.
... but I am so looking forward to playing Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One. I love all the Ratchet and Clank games, but a multi player Ratchet and Clank, thats just crazy. Thank you PlayStation plus for the free download!
I was pretty bored today, and not wanting to play any of my current titles, so I decided, as I usually do, to get disappointed by the PS+ offering in the store. You know, the subscription most of us have cause it always sound like a good deal if you don't stop and think about how little you actually download from it (and, lets be honest, the lazy among us also enjoys the automatic update feature).
I was doing some cruising on MLG and various other ladder sites to catch up on the latest, and for fun wanted to check out the Starhawk ladder, to see if it was alive. To my big surprise there was a $20 000 online tournament ladder, and I thought it was a system glitch, or something that lingered from a while ago, but nope, the tournament is real and there have been minimal press about it. Such a tournament is a big deal, even if they prize pool is split by the top teams.
Time to gather your forces and vote for your favorite clan this month. The contestants are as follows:

Rate Of Fire: http://www.psnclans.com/threads/rate-of-fire-clan.612/
DiRT Gaming: http://www.psnclans.com/threads/dirt-gaming.608/
Mass Murder: http://www.psnclans.com/threads/mass-murder-mm-trickshotting-is-recruiting.615/

Cast your votes :D
Been scouring the internet again for various tournaments. I see that some tournaments are struggling (even with cash prizes) to get enough teams to start, which is why there are so few of them running. I don't really know how most clans compete these days, but I guess most of them are on MLG and play the ladder there. There are many other ladders to play as well :)

Anyway, back to our regular scheduled tournament sumup.
It is about time to do some small web crawling and feature some tournaments. Again, I see there are still some tournaments who haven't started yet because there are no signups, so be sure to sign up if you see something you want to play.