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So I bought my self a Christmas present, and they managed to ship it and deliver it in two days, during Christmas.... They usually can't outside the season for sending packages, so color me impressed.

I spent most of today charging it, so I have barely been able to try it as of yet, but I am currently testing them out. My first impression is that the sound quality is pretty good, the surround works pretty good (but it is not 7.1, cause when I test the bass it doesn't play anything), but the front and back "speakers" are difficult to discern from left and center, at least on the Windows 7.1 test sounds (but I think that is because of the tone and echo it causes).
The next humble bundle is here, and this time it is a THQ bundle. The titles include Darksiders, Metro 2033 and Saints Row 3 and more. If you are unfamiliar with the humble bundle, it is sort of a game bundle where you decide what to pay for the games and some of it goes to charity, some of it goes to the developers and some of it goes to the humble bundle team, or you your self can choose who gets what of your money.
So to celebrate the season to be jolly, I will be picking up a gift on steam. I will do a small give away, cause I know this site mostly features PS3 members, so I won't go for a high spec'd game.

I will be giving away 1 copy of The Walking Dead Season 1 on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/207610/

To participate:
1. Register on this site and start posting.
2. Be active on this site (I am thinking 50 posts or more to be eligible for the price).
3. You need a Steam account (Don't worry, it is free: http://store.steampowered.com/ )

It is not a requirement, but you probably should have a computer capable of running the game as well.

How it will work:
It will officially start now, and will run until December 22nd, and the winner will be picked before the 24th. I will contact the winner via private message and ask for details (your Steam user name, and I will most likely verify your user name on Steam as well, so we don't mess up).

I will draw the winner, at random when the contest have ended.
A error with the CD manufacturer that apparently Activision and BioWare use lead to allot of players who had ordered Black Ops 2 got CD2 of Mass Effect 2 along with their copy. Instead of making a big deal of it, BioWare is using this to launch awareness of their hugely successful trilogy and have announced that they will give out a free download code for the entire trilogy to the first 50 fans who post a picture of the mistaken copy of Mass Effect 2.
Far Cry 3 now has a release date; November 29th for PC, December 4th for Xbox and PS3. Steam is notoriously unreliable when it comes to release dates, though, so expect the PC release not being available until December 4th. For me, it is pretty exciting, this is a game I have been looking forward to for quite some time, and I have not really paid any attention to any news on it, except small tidbits here and there.
A friend of me just linked me to this story, and TBH I don't find it too interesting. They are speculating based on the toolkit released, very little substantial is found there. It is interesting to note that they are most likely going to use an AMD CPU and plenty of RAM. That is a good move, no more complicated 8 core CPU, and lots of RAM available.
The Wii U is due for release November 30th, at least over here (EU), so it will be available under some Christmas trees this year. I have been somewhat excited about it due to the controller, which looks kinda awesome:

The controllor will feature accelometer and gyroscope (motion controller), it's very own screen with a resistive touch screen, which almost makes it a console in it's own way. It can certainly really push the edge of local co op, as you no longer are required to live through the split screen nightmare.
It seems GearBox decided to release the Mechromancer class 1 week early, on all platforms at the same time. Rumor has it it will be available within the day today, so if you preordered the game, be sure to check to see if you can download it.
The beloved MW2 map Favela has been removed from all online servers (not private match) for now

The map was removed due to complaints from Muslim gamers stating that two pictures on the wall in a bathroom in favela had offensive text and the picture was in a disrespectful place (a bathroom). The gamer made a video on YT describing the issue and IW found it 2 weeks later. IW apologized on their Twitter and said Favela would be taken offline.

The map will be patched and fixed on both mw2 & mw3 soon. It is not known how long it will take, but IW said the update will release Sunday. So no Favela for a week.

For now you can't play Favela online until they send out the next title update.

Updates will be posted here.
It seems Sony is getting ready to release another iteration of the PS3, and the only difference as far as I can see is that it is now even slimmer. They are also offering a new set of harddisk sizes, where the smallest is 12GB, which is extensible via an external disk up to 250 GB, and there is a model with a bigger disk, a "whopping" 500 GB, which I think is the limit of the motherboard on the PS3.