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So, I saw the discussion on servers in the CoD thread, and Sholden made a good point regarding CoD 4: On PC it is still alive cause of mods and dedicated servers. I think this is a great way to extend the shelf life of a game, especially mods and server support for those. Just look at some of the major mods over time, and how they eventually ended up becoming stand alone titles. For example, Dota was a Warcraft 3 mod originally, but it spawned a completely new genre in online gaming (MOBAs. like League of Legends etc). DayZ is an Arma II mod, on its way to become a stand alone game, Garry's Mod used to depend on other source games, but no longer does etc.
So it seems the next gen of Xbox is announced. As far as I can tell, they haven't really released much information, but some things have been leaked out. For one, games on the system will require online activation, and once that code is spent, it is spent. So basically, if you don't have internet, don't buy an Xbox, cause you won't be able to play any games. Also this indicates that games will copy to disk, so hopefully they will have some decent disk sizes and decent performance on them (and replaceable). It also means you can no longer borrow a game to a friend, or bring one over, cause once it is activated, you need to buy a new code, at retail price. You can however play the game on your profile.
Greenheart Games have just released a pretty cool tycoon type of game: Game Dev Tycoon. The basic premise of the game is that you start up a game dev company in your garage right in gamings childhood, and try to be the next new trend maker in gaming. You make new games by allocating time to different aspects of the game, and of course this has to match the genre and theme of your game.
So I bought the newest Tomb Raider on Steam the other day (I was bored and make too much money, which is the reason for my entire Steam inventory in fact). Don't get me wrong, I like the game, and it is keeping my interest. I am even hunting for collectibles, which is usually a sign of a game that have me hooked.

But what I really find funny is the intense focus on Lara's boobs. I am not kidding, there is not a single cut scene without a cleavage shot. In fact, I just posted some screenshots today to show a friend of mine what was happening:
Seems like they are hard at work on Saints Row IV. If you are not familiar with the series, it has so far been a very sarcastic take on GTA, where you play as over the top gangster, battling everything from the police, other gangs and even aliens. It is mostly built around the humour, but Saints Row the Third was a very good game both story wise and gameplay wise.
So PS4 was announced yesterday, and I think the biggest surprise was the fact that they are actually calling it Playstation 4.

Anyway, a brief summary (I will try to keep this updated, but I havent looked at this yet);
- CPU will be a 8 core AMD on x86 architecture (32 bits), and with APU technology (based on Jaguar architecture)
- GPU is the next generation Radeon chip, not sure if it has been completely specified
- They will have 8GB RAM, type GDDR5 (finally they start understanding something) and local hard drive of unknown size
- Streaming is a big focus, like streaming games (demos will be "streamed"), stream gameplay to friends and more.
- New controller, basically the same but bigger (from the images)
- Launch titles will include Watch Dogs, which is an open world adventure (haven't watched the trailer)
- Release will be this "holiday season" (pretty spot on with my prediction, huh?)
- No compatibility with PS3 games (from disc / blue ray)
It seems Gearbox (famous from their Borderlands franchise) is getting ready to release Aliens Colonial Marines. The title builds on the universe made famous by Sigourney Weaver (and where the "In space, no one can hear you scream" comes from), and is said to be a true sequel to the Aliens movies. Whether or not it will be remains to be seen, but from the game play and trailers already released, the game looks pretty solid.

The game is to feature drop in / drop out co op, and if it is the same as Gearbox has done with Borderlands, it is true co op, and not this extra (and inferior) co op content that so many are doing these days. It will of course feature some other online modes, but I haven't looked in to these in details, as I am most excited about the co op part.
For a while now, Steam has been the dominating market place for digital distribution of games, and now apps as well, on PC. Sure, there are other contenders, but mostly the ones that compete with Valve / Steam, are developer stores, like EA's Origin and Ubisoft's uPlay, so they aren't exactly the same as Steam.

However, recently Steam not only released their beta Linux client, as a part of the growing catalogue of games supporting Linux, but Gabe Newell (CEO of Valve Software) also talked to The Verge about Steam Box.
Yesterday nVidia announced that are stepping in to the handheld console territory, with Project Shield. It basically is a controller size handheld console, running on Android, have not yet been given a release date, but so far they are showing off some impressive ideas.

It will feature a Tegra 4 CPU, controller and HD video and of course Wifi. That is the boring part, the interesting part is that they will make it possible for you to stream your games from your PC. Now it starts being interesting.
As a part of my Christmas present to my self, I bought the headset and a new mouse. I went with the Logitech G700 wireless gaming mouse, as my setup needs wireless as there is no cable in the world long enough or practical enough for me. When I unboxed, I was hoping it would work with my existing MX5500 keyboard dongle, but I think the G700 is a wireless networked mouse and not a bluetooth one (the dongle for MX5500 is a bluetooth hub). So I needed to add another dongle to my system, but with 8 USB connections, that is no problem for me.