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This was just released on Steam today, and as I have been playing State of Decay religously lately it catched my eye. It is basically a zombie survival, with emphasis on survival. From a first person perspective, you have to kill zombies, loot houses and generally stay alive in a procedural y generated world.
Have been some rumors for a while now that Steam will launch a console. Well, they have now announced the Steam Machine, or rather SteamOS. This is basically Steam creating their own operating system designed for big screens and controller use, which can be deployed on a multitude of hardware.
So a dude was lucky, got his preorder of GTA V a week before the official release. So he posted videos of him unboxing the game and playing the game on Vimeo, which cause Rockstar to throw a hizzy fit, got the videos removed and to make it worse Microsoft decided to ban his console as he revealed his gamertag in one of the videos.
I have been looking for a decent title I have yet to play lately, so I have been googling for "underrated" games. When I see lists that include GTA IV, Metro: Last Light, Call of Duty, Aliens Colonial Marines, RAGE and Starcraft 2, I get a distinct feeling that people does not really grasp the concept of underrated, or just confuse it with "a game that is really really really bad".

Underrated games are games that never got any attention, but were really good. For example, The Mark of Kri on PS2 was a great game, but never got any mainstream attention, and thus never got the sales number to justify a sequel. That is a underrated game, great title that did not receive the attention it deserved. I mean, if there is more than 10 article written about a game within a single week, it isn't underrated. If it fails to sell at that point, it might just be because it is very very bad (Aliens Colonial Marines and RAGE are two good examples of that, they are truly bad games).

Microsoft has decided to up the clock speed of the CPU on the One from 1.6 GHz to 1,75 GHz. It is still a CPU based on the Jaguar architecture from AMD with 8 cores. They also recently announced that the frequency of the graphic was to be increased from 800 MHz to 853MHz. I think this has reflected a general consern that the PS4 had the better stats and would lure more fans to buy it.

I find this a bit interesting, as I assume this means overclocking. Will this mean that they also have taken another look at the cooling systems? How about fans and cooling ribs?
It seems that Steam is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Greenlight in a way only Steam can: By extreme discounts on greenlit titles. If you are unfamiliar with what Greenlight is, it is Steams outreach to the indie game development scene. Basically the entire Steam community is voting for titles that are worthy for a Steam release and as such the fans are greenlighting the game. For the individual games, this is extremely important, as Steam is the defacto distributor of PC games, as well as it is basically a vote of confidence of a potential huge community of gamers. So be sure to check out the potential awesome titles in the sale here.
In a surprising move, EA recently updated their EULA to open up for full refunds of your recent purchase in their digital store, Origin. Of course, there is a fine print to it. It either has to happen before 24 hr after first launch, within 7 days of purchase or in case of pre orders within 7 days of release date, which ever happens first. They are of course making a few reservations, such as being able to deny a refund in some cases, to prevent abuse.
I just enabled some quick reference fields for each listing. This means now you can link your clan, specify the type of member you want (even target age group) and show off how many members you currently have, you can even specify if you are currently recruiting or not. Some of these fields are voluntary (like website and # of members), but the target gamer you want is mandatory to fill in, so next time you update it, you will have to fill in some of these.

Why enable this? Well, I just got the idea of how I could use those custom fields, so I went ahead an implemented it. Personally, I think this is a good way for you guys to not only represent your clan via detailed explanations and history, but also provide quick reference for the guy just wanting to find a bunch of gamers to play with that are of similar mind. In the future, I think also uploading at least one image will be made mandatory, currently the only way to end up on the front page sidebar module is by uploading a image....
I picked it up in the Steam daily sale a few days back and just tried it today. Seems pretty cool, but it is another one of those Diablo clones. It also seems to have taken something from Torchlight, as it provides you with a companion (a ghost no less).

As for game play, it plays a bit like Diablo, but instead of spells you have these modifiers (best name I can come up with). I think each skill gets 3 of them, and you can have 2 skills active at the time. To activate a modifier, you press space, but you can only keybind one per skill on that. I really don't get that combat mechanic as of yet, but it seems to be doing additional damage whenever I use it.
Some returning visitors might notice some minor changes. For one, @Sholden was getting a bit grumpy, so I had to bring back a dark style. Besides, it looks to beutiful not to use, in my opinion, and the previous one was a bit too soft for my tastes.