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A hello to you all. As @ZirMc mentioned in earlier posts, he has transferred ownership to me. He's taken the time and put forth the effort in making sure the site continues on instead of letting it slowly descend into the nethers of the internet. A big thank you to @ZirMc for patiently working with me on getting everything transferred. Hopefully it isn't a final goodbye and we hear from@ZirMc in the future.

I do believe the transfer went on without any issues, but if anyone notices any major problems please let me know. I do not plan on making any immediate changes. But, with your help, would like to see the site evolve and grow; keeping in line with the original idea of clan recruitment but also possibly implement features focused on clan management and networking. Anywho, feel free to throw any questions or concerns my way.
So I have been working with @OsO for a while, but mostly due to me being busy and lazy we have taken a while to complete it.

Later today I will close down the site and do a backup and he will move everything to his hosting account, which means we will be down for a short period while the DNS propagate (will take about 24 hours to be complete).

This also means the site will live on and I will kinda remove my self from it. I wish @OsO good luck and hope you all will continue to enjoy the site.
Lately I just haven't had the time or energy to focus on this site and it is starting to fall behind because of it. The reasoning is simple, I am extremely busy in my work, which I wasn't so much when I started this site, and recently got even more to do and will most likely be out traveling most of this year. I haven't really been able to admit this to my self, but I am at the point that I have to just get it out of the way. I will still have time to be around, from time to time, but I find that the moments where I have time in front of the computer I want to spend gaming, watching videos or do something else. Simply put, I have lost my motivation to run the site and it is hurting because of it. Even just typing up some small posts to put on the frontpage seems like a chore to me right now.

So, if anyone wants to take over, I can probably sign over ownership of most of the items related to this site, like domains and hosting. I think most is prepaid out 2014, not sure about that,...
With a schedule release of June 2014, we are closing in on this game. It is set in Tamriel, and almost all of Tamriel will be accessible either from start or through DLC. It is set about 800 years before Oblivion and Morrowind (which also means that there are still no dwemer in the game, which disappears around 3000 years or so before Oblivion). From what I can read, it will be more or less a standard MMORPG, but hopefully they will still focus on the lore and story telling, as is one of the excellent things about the series
For good measure, I had a few beers and decided to do a Christmas giveaway. As per the other giveaway, it will be Steam only, so you should not want this if you cannot run or acccept the game (basically, you need a computer that can handle it).

So, to up the ante, I am giving away one copy of Call of Duty: Ghost. I really wanted to Battlefield 4, but Origin doesn't enter the same way. Anyway, I don't really want to do a big deal out of this give away, so I will make it easy.
You can now download a beta version of SteamOS, which will be used for SteamBox here. Looking at the install instructions, this is not for the faint of heart and if you really want to try it out you should probably try to find a more detailed tutorial for doing so. It is based on Debian 7.1, which was released in June this year and should be fairly stable. It should run with GNOME desktop environment.
I just realized that it will be available for purchase tomorrow today. So to celebrate, I updated the prefix to reflect the multiple consoles available. Also, have you preordered yours? What games are you getting? Are you excited about it?

As you can see, I wasn't even aware that it was out tomorrow, so I have not preordered it nor intend to buy it. However, I am a bit delighted that we are finally getting better hardware for consoles, which will hopefully set the bar higher for games, and we get better games for all platforms overall.
I just saw this on steam, Telltell Games will be releasing a season 2 of their huge success of the first interpertation of the Walking Dead comic. If you are not too familiar with the game, it was a point and click adventure game, with cartoony art style, almost ala Borderlands. What it really did well was telling a good story (kinda in the developers name, Telltell?).

This is definitely on my want list, and not just on my "might purchase if cheap enough list".
I have not seen allot of press for this game, but I am super excited about this game. I have all the other titles, and never got around to play them. My problem with those, even though they seem like awesome games, is that I have no history with them, so I struggle to play them when there are newer games that captivate me.
I came across this little story today: http://www.illgaming.in/2013/10/the-ugly-truth/

Now, the blacklisting has been known for a while. When Duke Nukem Forever was released, some guy threatened to blacklist anyone who gave negative reviews. While 2K game said they left this guy, I am sure they know about this being done, I think this is fairly well known throughout the gaming industry.